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Advice on bonding with your new dog

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Bonding with your new dog

Bonding with your new dogstarts as soon as you meet.Bringing home a new dog is a fun-filled occasion for the whole family.  However, pets are often returned within a short period of time because the new animal is not meeting expectations.  For many first-time dog owners, they mistakenly believe the dog will instantly create a bond with its new family, and can be disappointed and frustrated when this expectation is not met.  Tips for jumpstarting the bonding process with your pet are outlined below.


Bonding with new dog

Obedience Training for your Dog

One of the best ways to begin bonding with your dog is to attend a structured obedience class.  The positive environment with a seemingly never-ending supply of treats will teach you and your dog how to communicate with one other.  Communication is one of the most important components of bonding, and will help you better understand the needs of your pet and vice versa.  Look for a positive-reinforcement training class in order to get the most out of the bonding experience.

Socializing with others

Meeting othere people and dogs are fun for pets, which is why socializing your dog is an important way to develop a deeper connection between pet and owner.  When your dog associates happy times and fun with a particular person, it will come to enjoy the company of that person more quickly.  Socialization outings can include taking your pet to dog-friendly locations, such as the pet store or to a dog-friendly restaurant patio.


Exercise For your dog

Like humans, exercise promotes the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain like endorphins and dopamine dogss. I have two German Sheperds and they are obsessed with our daily run or cycle.It is the most important time of their day and they love you even more for it.When you and your dog exercise together, your pet will begin to relate happy feelings with your presence.  Forms of exercise include walking, running, swimming, and cycling.



In a lot of ways  dogs and human toddlers are similar. The people that play games with them quickly become their favorite.  Fun games you can play with your pet include  tug-of-war, fetch, hide-and-go-seek, and tag.Dogs love to run the most so make sure to bring them for at least an hour trek everyday.


Maintaining Routine for your new Dog

Dogs thrive on routine and do best when meals, exercise, play times, and sleep are always on schedule.  The sooner your pet can develop a set routine and understands what to expect throughout the day, the quicker it will feel comfortable in its new environment.


Setting Boundaries for your new Dog

When dogs first join a new family home, they will spend months learning the rules of the new home.  The sooner you set boundaries and limitations the more quickly your pet will learn the ins and outs of your own “Dog pack.”  This will lead to less worry about determining hierarchy among the family members – leaving more time and energy for getting to know one another better!


Having Patience

Overall, dog owners should have patience.  Bonding does not happen straight away, and it may take longer for some dogs to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.  Puppies may be scared after being separated from their families and dogs that have come from abusive homes or traumatic situations may need time to learn how to trust their new owners.  The most important aspect of bonding with your pet is not expecting a great relationship to be built straight away.

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