Dog Aggression? Dog Behavior Facts

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Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression is one of the worst labels your dog can receive.In fact, in many states, that word can mean to be “put down”.  It is important for owners to understand the signs of Dog Aggression, and what to do in order to fix the problem. You can find some good books here on this as well.

Normal Dog Behavior

New Dog owners may not understand that biting ,gnawing and nipping are all normal puppy and adolescent Dog behaviors  and is not a sign of Dog Aggression. While these actions can be annoying they are not indicative behaviour of an Dog Aggression. This behavior comes from the fact that Dogs interact with the whole world with their mouths.Until Dogs are taught they will continue to behave in the way that is most natural.If a dog or puppy nips or chews on your hand this is a natural behaviour and isn’t Dog Aggression.


Dominance Aggression

Some dogs will show Dog Aggression when their dominance is challenged. This can occur from when a puppy being from a large litter. The behavior can manifest as dog-on-dog aggression or dog-on-human aggression.Dominance Aggression is most common among smaller breed Dogs, but can occur with any type of Dog.

If you are a first time Dog owner the best way to deal with Dominance Aggression is to make sure to exercise the dog regularly.The key is to redirect the Dog Aggression into positive energy and stimulate the personality type your dog it.Also by showing dominance without force, such as by taking control of your pet’s resources and setting limits and boundaries within the house.


Fear Aggression

A Dogs response  to fear is always either  via a fight-or-flight mechanism and those that choose “fight” may show Dog Aggressive towards typical human or animal encounters.A Dog with fear Aggression may single out a certain type of person or Dog and react by barking, lunging, or snarling.If this is the case, your pet may have had a negative encounter with a person or animal in the past, causing fear of any person or animal that reminds them of it.

Fear aggression may also stem as territorial behavior, either from the dogs home life or the owner’s habits at home.Fear Aggression is often caused by lack of socialization skills.If your Dogs Aggression is mild, the best cure is socialization. Introduce your Dog to as many new sights and smells,people and animals as possible in order to help it develop necessary coping skills. If your Dog is fearful to types of people, animals, or objects,  introduce your Dog to these suggesstions.


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