Dog Proof ball australia

Dog Proof Ball Australia Home of Awesome Dog Toys

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Dog Proof ball Australia

Dog proof ball Australia is the number one place to buy all ranges of dog toys and puncture proof balls.

We sell all different types of durable dog toys for large dogs and small dogs that love to chew.



Where is the best and easiest place to buy a Dog Proof Ball?

For years when dog owners wanted to purchase an indestructible dog toy or dog proof balls they would head into town and check their local pet shop.Nowadays the most convenient way to shop is online.All you have to do from the comfort of your own couch is scroll through our shop page and click on the one you want.Check out our shop page here.

What is the top 3  indestructible Dog Toys?

Here at Dog Proof Ball Australia we sell the best dog toys money can buy

  1. The Kong ExtremeBest Dog Toys
  2. KONG Rubber Ball Extreme Durable Dog Toy
  3. Jolly Pets 8″ Soccer Ball
    Dog proof ball australia

What type of Dog Balls does Dog Proof Ball Australia sell?

We sell every type of tough puncture proof ball you can buy including Dog proof tennis balls ,Dog proof soccerballs ,Dog proof basketballs and even Dog proof hamster balls.Our main focus products is for the larger breed dogs.The owner of Dog Proof Ball Australia owns two large German Sheperds and they love to play football! You could say they are our product testers haha.


What would you recommend before getting a dog toy?

The number one thig i always preach is you HAVE to give your doggie exercise!Thats number one but after that they need something to stimulate them.When we go to work we cant bring our dog for a run so to stop them chewing up the garden or house it is essential you get them a tough dog toy.If you have any questions please feel free to go to our contacts page here or leave us a comment under tour blog posts.